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“Coffee is a language in itself” – Jackie Chan

Travel delivers adventure to your soul, but coffee brings you to quiet contemplation. Now that I think about it, any trip we’ve taken has started and ended with coffee. It’s the first thing we look to while planning trips and the last thing we grab as we head out on the road. Regardless of the trip distance, coffee has been our companion through all the phases of travelling.

You will be hearing much about the town of Lynchburg, Virginia, because while we occasionally complain “there’s nothing to do here” (at least past 9PM), we are secretly fond of its unique charm. We could seriously write hundreds (okay, maybe like 20) posts about this lovely town in Central Virginia, but we are going to focus on the top 3 sit-down cafes in Lynchburg from a coffee lover (working my way up to connoisseur).

3) Third Wave Coffee

The main reason I like Third Wave Coffee is because they probably have the best iced coffee I’ve ever had! I’m drinking one as I’m typing this and I can’t even begin to describe the taste. coffee2It’s a Brazilian brew with a pump of caramel (I’m a fan of just a little bit of flavor in my coffee) along with some creamer. The first sip of it has a bold shock, but the lingering flavor is what brings me back.

The only complaint I have is that it’s not a very warm environment. As one of my friends so accurately described it, it feels almost sterile with it’s white walls and minimalist-feel. However, if that is what you are into, then this would be the place for you. All-in-all, it’s a quiet place to come do homework and enjoy freshly ground coffee (from what I understand, they grind their coffee themselves, which makes a HUGE difference in taste).

*All three coffee shops tend to host events such as live music, spoken word, etc. I encourage you to check out their sites for upcoming events*

2) The Muse 

While I don’t partake as much in lattes (I love them, but I feel the sugar flowing through my veins after the 3rd sip!), The Muse wins in this category. Three words: Christmas in a Cup. They simply have the best coffee.


PC: Rhiannon England Photography (of course I went there before my wedding!)

According to their website, their coffee is roasted just one block away and it is ground daily, so you can trust you are getting it fresh. Honestly, this shop opened my eyes up to what good coffee tastes like.

The atmosphere is adventurous with a huge map mural painted on a wall and the cutest little overlook you can get to by climbing a spiral staircase. The only issue I have ever encountered there is a lack of space during busy times. However, isn’t it a great sign that they are overflowing with business?? All in all, they slightly edge out the competition for best coffee taste!

*Each of these coffee shop is actively giving back to the community as well. You can check out their websites to learn more about them and their mission.

1) The White Hart and Blackwater Coffee Co.

If you find yourself in downtown Lynchburg, there is no excuse to not check out the White Hart. Located right on main street is an inviting shop with store front windows filled with fliers for local events and advertisements for small businesses (all local, of course).


Us totally fitting in with the hipster vibe

When you step inside, you immediately notice you’ve never seen a coffee shop like this before. The room goes back further than you realize and is filled with rustic wood flooring, walls, tables, and chairs. The atmosphere is the reason the White Hart is #1 on my list. You can go in there with a friend and be lost in conversation for hours. You feel the community of Lynchburg in that shop.

They take their coffee just as seriously as their community-focused atmosphere.
They roast their own beans as well and grind them fresh. The have a full menu along with their selection of coffees, lattes, teas, and pastries. Honestly, my favorite thing to get is their coffee for the day with a pump of hazelnut. What can I say, I have simple tastes.

There you have it! The best cafes to hit if you’re ever in Lynchburg! Granted, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of food truck type of coffee or specific restaurants’ coffee. If you have a café that you believe should be in the top 3, feel free to comment and share! I love hearing from fellow coffee lover!

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