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With 2017 being the kick-start to sharing our travels, we wanted to take a moment to share our travel plans for the first part year as well as ask for suggestions! (We are getting restless waiting for school to be finished!)

  • Explore Staunton/Charlottesville area

Living in a college town only an hour away from Charlottesville, I’ve heard nothing but great things about it!13532843_10153690818526762_2572453552400753167_n Surprisingly enough, the only time I’ve been there is just to drive through it (this was before I let my adventurous side take over). From what we have heard from friends, there’s a variety of shopping, eating, and adventuring awaiting us in Charlottesville!

The Prof’s sister lives in Staunton, which also seems to have a few areas worth exploring as well. Since it’s only about 30 minutes from Charlottesville, we want to make it a weekend of exploration! My main focus being food, I’ve gathered a list of a few different places friends have mentioned. If you have any suggestions for the area, feel free to share! We’re willing to try almost any type of cuisine.

  • Corolla, North Carolina

This is less of a day-trip and more of a week-long vacation with my family that we will shamelessly use as an experience to share! 10411339_10152105482631762_2587016307147472859_nWe plan to do some scuba diving and since the Outer Banks is only an hour away from where we’ll be staying, we will explore that area as well!

This trip will definitely be one of the more adventurous one with scuba diving, beach time, kayaking, and (hopefully) much more! We aren’t super familiar with the area, so if anyone has any suggestions for restaurants or activities to try, feel free to comment! Keep an eye out for scuba posts as we will be that preparation!

  • Lexington, Kentucky

I honestly do not know much about this city, but my best friend (she’s amazing!) is getting married there in September and I am thrilled to get to be part of her wedding. I hear the town has plenty to see and do, so I am looking forward to doing research on that!

  • Brew Ridge Trail, Nelson County

If you have ever been near Charlottesville, VA, you would know of the “Brew Ridge Trail.” This includes numerous breweries, distilleries, and wineries that are scattered throughout Nelson County. We have both been to a few of these breweries, including Devil’s Backbone and the Blue Ridge Brewery, but we want to partake in the entire trail! 10172686_10152101655583196_1044466296_nThere is a legitimate trail map for beer enthusiasts!  You can check out information on all of the breweries here!


More of our plans include Virginia beach, day trips to local areas (Short Pump for our shopping desires), and at this moment, we are considering planning a big trip for this summer!! Stay tuned for more on that trip as we will be sharing the entire process!

If you have any recommendations for places we need to check out, especially in the VA/MD area, feel free to share!

2 comments on “2017 Travel Plans

  1. Adam Jun says:

    If you’re ever in Northern Virginia.. I could show you my favorite places to hike!


    1. We will drop you a line if we are in the area! Thanks for the offer, local advice is always the best advice.

      Liked by 1 person

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