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A great trip is hard to describe in a short blog post that will hold the attention of the reader. Those of us that travel know the myriad of experiences that you encounter on a single trip would take many thousands of words to even begin to convey, and even if you manage to get all of those words on the page it can still lack the feeling of really being there. If you’ve followed the Wandering Italy blog series about our trip to Pompeii, Naples, Sorento, and Capri, you’ve probably realized we couldn’t really describe everything we encountered, but we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about a few of our experiences. If not, we encourage you to start at the beginning and read the 6 posts – they aren’t long and have some great pictures here: Wandering Italy: A Series! The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is very relevant in the blogging world, so check out the slide show below to view some more pictures from the trip.

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Italy was truly a wonderful experience, and we are looking forward to a future trip to the area at some point in the future, possibly on our way to Greece with a stop in Rome. Although I am not sponsored by any travel agencies or the like, I want to put in a plug for Trip AdvisorLonely Planet, and Expedia, all of whom were involved with our trip and the success we found.

If you have any suggestions for websites that are great for travelers and planning trips please comment below, and as always don’t forget to follow us here and on Twitter. We hope to see you on the road!

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