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Who doesn’t love a week at the beach in a brightly colored three-story beach house? Splitting the cost of a week’s vacation rental in a beach house with other members of the family allows you to save a little money and avoid the “hotel crowd” – and it often opens up opportunities to stay in places that may not have a hotel in the first place – like Corolla in the Outer Banks! If you haven’t been to Corolla then we highly recommend you add a visit to your to-do list pronto! IMG_1043Before we reached Corolla we passed through Kitty Hawk via the Wright Memorial Bridge from Point Harbor on the N. Croatan Highway. Once you arrive on the Outer Banks, you can either hang a hard left and head North to Duck (home of the famous Duck Donuts) or hang a right and head south towards Kill Devil Hills and the Wright Brothers Memorial. With a little time to burn before the rest of the family arrived, Kess and I decided to visit the  Wright Brothers Memorial. It costs $7/person to enter the park, but the views and history lesson the you are provided are well worth a few dollars.IMG_1055 You can approach to park’s activities on foot or in the car, and we opted for a combination of the two due to the combination of heat and humidity present during our visit – 96 degrees with 92% humidity was rough! Fortunately for us, there were plenty of water fountains scattered around the hill up to the monument and they even featured a water fountain for dogs. The walk up to the monument from the parking lot only takes a few minutes and the views from the top are spectacular. IMG_1056From the monuments you can see much, if not all, of Kitty Hawk and the surrounding area. There are great photo opportunities with the Atlantic, the city of Kitty Hawk, and the Nags Head Woods Preserve to the south all visible form atop the Memorial Dune. Not to spoil the history you may learn there, but the dune was actually protected by planting grass on its sides to ensure the actual dune used by the Wright Brothers was preserved, so climbing it is really interacting with a piece of history! IMG_1090In addition to the hill, we also spent time looking at the path traveled by the gliders and the model airplane built by the brothers.
After about two hours exploring the park, we decided to head out and journey north through Duck to Corolla. We hope you continue reading about our week at OBX – and to get you excited we are going to be scuba diving with sharks and on a wreck while we are here, so look out for those posts soon!





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