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First off – I know that hair flip was awesome…. now on to some blogging….

What could possibly be better than a day at the beach? Doors off on the Jeep. Chairs in the sand. The breeze rolling in off the ocean. Welcome to the life. While I am not sure what my readers take to the beach, this is how we roll:

  • 2 towels
  • snacks
  • bluetooth speaker
  • GoPro
  • an umbrela
  • an umbrella anchor (seriously awesome)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • surf pole
  • tackle box with some bait
  • a chair

This is my beach list. Its simple. I can carry it in a backpack and leave one hand free. Don’t over pack – it’s never worth it and you can always make what you have suffice… as long as you have some shade that it – never forget the umbrella.GOPR0020 If you are wondering what we do at the beach, its pretty simple. First, find some Bob Marley themed radio station on Pandora and blast it through the Bluetooth speaker. Sunscreen up. Chill in a chair for a bit to watch the waves and soak up some sun, maybe even start a tan. Then – I get my tail in the water.
GOPR0030Body surf, body board, paddle board, kayak, whatever is available that gets me in the water is good enough for me. Sometimes I take the GoPro to film a few shots of myself or friends catching some waves. Sometimes we leave it behind – either way, its supposed to be relaxing so try not to kill the beach vibe with a schedule. After a while in the water, I hit the umbrella to shade up and then reapply the sunscreen. Otherwise I’ll end up looking like a piece of red construction paper by the time I head home – which is not a good look for me. Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.10.43 PM After 15 – 25 minutes flirting with a tan on the beach, its time to get back in the surf, maybe with a pole if the conditions are right.
GOPR0005-1This time of year (end of July) is a good time for Spanish Mackerel, Striped Bass, and maybe even a Bluefish or two according to the locals. As of day two here at OBX, all I have caught is Striped Sea Bass, but I am not one to doubt the local fishing sages. Whenever we all get hungry and the snacks are gone we pack up and head in to regroup. I shoot for 5 hours or so at a time, but more or less isn’t a bad thing. Enjoy the beach – that’s the most important thing to remember.


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