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With a name like the Wandering Prof, it makes sense that we like to wander, but it may be less obvious that the time we have to wander is mostly influenced by the breaks that go along with the “Prof” part of the name. Alas, such is life, and until I am notified of the death of a long-lost relative leaving me millions, I suppose we will continue to do our wandering within the breaks associated with teaching. Obviously, Christmas-time brings winter break and a great escape for us to get a little wandering in. This year we met up with some family in Virginia Beach for a week of family time and all the typical fun that goes with Christmas, and while we were there we had a great opportunity to check out the beach in the tourist offseason.

One of our favorite pastimes during the Christmas season is to check out the various twinkling light displays that many people put up as part of their holiday celebrations, but the Parks and Recreation department in Virginia Beach had an awesome take on this idea that we couldn’t miss out on while we were in the area. The premise behind the lights on the boardwalk was simple – all of the businesses and hotels that are usually so packed and crowded with the summertime tourists don’t seem to have quite as much business in the winter, so they all team up and put up light displays on the beach by the boardwalk, they close the boardwalk to pedestrians, and they charge $5 per car to drive down the boardwalk from end to end. Talk about a great idea! You can take in all the lights you want from the comfort of a heated vehicle while listening to Christmas music on the radio and when you are done you are right back out on the street ready to move along. Some of the lights are true Christmas scenes like Santa and Rudolph and the like, but most of the displays are more ocean-themed as you can “sea” below (hahaha, punny). Although we normally only blog about our travels that include some exciting adventures, we wanted to share this experience because it was cheap, fun, and great for anyone in the area who has 30 minutes and wants to check out some great Christmas Lights.

We had a great time, and since there isn’t much else to really say, check out the pictures below and let us know what you think!

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