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Our flight landed in Keflavík at 5:40 AM, slightly later than the posted 5AM due to a minor security issue right before take-off (they needed to find someone’s bag in the hold). A quick walk through the airport brought us to the baggage area where we grabbed our stuff and walked outside into the beautiful sunshine. I mean rain. There is no such thing as bad weather in Ísland, only bad clothes (that’s what they will tell you anyway) and we were prepared, so the rain covers went over the luggage and we were on our way.walk up to lagoon The Blue Lagoon’s transport bus was already waiting when we landed, and we were able to relax in relative comfort on the bus while we waited for the quick trip to the lagoon. The bus has WiFi and USB chargers built into the seats, so you have no issue charging whatever devices you bring along. WiFi is available pretty much everywhere, so I haven’t bothered paying Verizon the $10/day they want to keep your phone connected. Reykjavík even offers city-wide WiFi that blankets most streets in the city.

The Blue Lagoon is beautiful – all your time spent here will be relaxing. This was the best picture my go pro got, maily beacuse the sun came out for just a second, but man does the water light up! DCIM100GOPRO You are required to pre-book tickets in order for them to control how many folks are in the lagoon at once, but here is a little free travel advice: there are three packages available – comfort, premium, and exclusive. You can get the premium package for the price of the comfort package if you book your ticket for 7AM when the lagoon opens. You can find the prices here, but in my opinion the exclusive package wasn’t worth the money, and premium was just right for us.

me in the lagoonA few more travel pointers for new lagoon visitors. First, flip-flops are required (and that’s good because other people’s feet are gross) but if you don’t want to lug yours all the way here, the premium package includes a pair you get to keep. Second, lockers are included for you to store your things, and mine easily held my shoes, Osprey 34L backpack, my GoPro camera pack, and a towel. If you have larger luggage, check them at the front building for a fee of 500 krona ( $5) for your stay.
Bathing RulesThird, you must shower before you get in the lagoon. Completely naked. In a room full of people (unless you are shy, then book the exclusive package and you get your own bathroom) while a staff member watches to make sure you wash. It’s not weird – the lagoon is not chlorinated or chemically treated, so it is very important that you are clean before you get in the water. Additionally, the minerals in the water will really dry out your hair, so not only should you shower before you get in, but you should leave some of the conditioner in your hair, and in my case the beard as well, and then also shower after you are finished. They provide the towel, water, shower gel, hair conditioner, and a good reason to do it. So shower, you nasty reader you.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 9.27.33 PM copyAfter the shower, don your bathing suit (no naked swimmers), and if you got the premium package your wonderfully soft robe, and get in the lagoon. The premium package includes a mud mask made from the volcanic silica in the surrounding landscape (they give you 2 though!) and an algae mask for radiant skin and stuff like that. It was included, so I tried it, but to be honest I couldn’t really tell a difference afterwards – I guess the mud can’t fix ugly.
DCIM100GOPRO My wife loved it though, so go that route. Premium also includes a free drink at the bar in the lagoon – I went with a pint of Gull, Ísland’s only domestic beer, and although it was quite hoppy and a bit pale I thought it was pretty good. My wife went with a smoothie, and it was equally great. The lagoon is pretty big, so make sure you wander around and explore, because different parts of the lagoon are different temperatures and different depths, so find the right spot for you – I thought the back-end under the bridge was the best spot since it was pretty hot and I could look out over the silica fields and lava formations without very many people around.


After a few hours of soaking, we relaxed in the lounge overlooking the lagoon and rested our eyes for a bit after the long flight over. Tomte the Traveler, an elvish fellow of Scandinavian lore, joined us at the lounge, though he didn’t make it into the water. Once we finished up we retreated back to the showers, cleaned up, and made our way out through the gift shop (don’t buy any of it, you can get it at the duty-free shop cheaper if you want it that bad) and walked back to the bus which took us straight away to our hotel in Reykjavík. We’d love to hear about your trip to the Blue Lagoon, so comment and tell us about it below!

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