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Who We Are

Welcome to our site, we hope you enjoy our perspective on all things travel. We’d love to hear your opinions and comments, so please drop us a line!


Climbing Mt. Vesuvius, Italy

The Wandering Prof is run by a husband and wife based physically in Virginia but with souls that yearn to wander hither and yon.

I’m the bearded guy in the photo to the right; my students and friends call me Rhody. My wife Kess is an accountant. Together we are a set of hopeful globe trotters that have had an opportunity to travel all over this pale blue dot in the past few years, and hope to share some of our experiences (both past and future) with you.

In addition to travel, we both scuba dive and ride motorcycles, so don’t be surprised if you find some photographs, videos, or musings on those subjects along with the travel tips,


Rhody’s 2016 Harley Low Rider on the Blue Ridge Parkway

planning advice, and airport layover horror stories that are bound to fill up our blog.

Why we blog

If you’re anything like us, you have a desire to live more than just a routine life. Sure, we enjoy having a home base, but there’s something deep in us that calls us to wander and wonder at the amazing planet we live on.

Our mission is to show that travelling in your 20’s without a six-figure salary is more than possible: it’s necessary.

In every travel, there are two crucial aspects: logistics and experience. Each compliments the other and we want to break down our trips in a realistic but exhilarating way. Whether local places like Roanoke or far off destinations like Naples, Italy, we aim to share the raw truths about our travels. We love connecting with fellow wanderers, so please comment, like, and share our blog with your friends, and feel free to recommend the posts of other great travel blogs for us.

– Wander freely

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